At Lakeside Dental Arts we offer laser dentistry.  There are many benefits to using lasers during dental procedures.  For example, healing time is faster as there is less damage to the surrounding tissue.  Lasers minimize bleeding and post-surgical bacterial infections.  Often, anesthesia and sutures are not needed with laser procedures.

Lasers may be used for many different dental procedures.  It is an efficient way to detect cavities.  Lasers can be used to fill some cavities, many times without the need for anesthesia.  The laser can be used to remold gums that grow up over a patient’s teeth.  Many dentists use a laser for other types of dental surgery like removing extra tissue from a mouth, removing small tumors, and much more.

Laser dentistry is less invasive, more efficient, and less painful for the patient.  People who suffer from the anxiety often associated with dentistry should discuss with their dentist if laser surgery is an option for their dental procedure.   They will appreciate the quality of laser dentistry as it is nearly pain-free.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding laser dentistry and how we can help your smile, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (863) 658-4272.