Linda R. Avatar
Linda R.

As always, the staff makes you feel welcome. I love their new facility with a view of Lake Jackson. Taryn does an exceptional job cleaning teeth. Dr. Willey is always courteous and explains what work needs to be done. He, quietly, lets you make the decision about your dental care. In other words, he is not pushy, which I really appreciate.

Madonna C. Avatar
Madonna C.

Such a beautiful new modern dentist office overlooking beautiful Lake Jackson ?. Friendly office staff, quick appointments scheduled. I had a wonderful cleaning with Taryn who did a fantastic job. Doc Willey did a wonderfully thorough job overlooking xrays and did testing for TMJ that I have never had done before. I was very pleased with the professionalism of this office. I cannot wait to go for my next cleaning.

Larry S. Avatar
Larry S.

You guys are the best I was so impressed with Doctor David and the whole staff they were excellent every one of them treated me so nice and did such an excellent job it's an excellent place to go and the prices are more than fair it is just a great experience when you're having teeth work done it can be a little frightening to some people they take it out they make you feel relaxed great job in a great time frame just a really nice experience the very best I've ever had and I come from Detroit and I have a dentist up there but I will go to Lakeside now when I come down here every year I'm very very happy

Richard P Avatar
Richard P.

Excellent service by a great staff. Beautiful view from your room. Dr Wylie is the best!

Sharon S. Avatar
Sharon S.

After breaking a tooth, I sought emergency services from Dr. Wiley at Lakeside Dental just hoping to get by with whatever they could do to get me by until I returned back home to Sebring from a long-awaited visit with family up north. I was initially impressed with the friendly voice on the phone when setting up an appointment. The process was easy and convenient in that I could fill out all my new patient forms on line. Upon arrival, every employee I met was courteous and professional. Dr. Wiley, himself, was most kind. He listened to my circumstances and with compassion assured he I would not have to delay my trip. In fact, he sacrificed his lunch period to make sure I walked out of the office a few hours later with a new, permanent crown! Not a temporary fix, but a perfect permanent crown. Because of a long history of bad experiences with dentists, I have a high level of anxiety prior to and during appointments. My experience at Lakeside was by far the least stressful and calming dental appointment I have ever had. The large picture window looking out over Lake Jackson is very peaceful and the noise cancelling headphones are a huge benefit. I was not an established patient of Dr. Wiley, yet he treated me as though we were personal friends. Before leaving, I made an appointment for both myself and my husband. We will be patients at Lakeside Dental and feel blessed to have found Dr. Wiley.

Teresa S. Avatar
Teresa S.

Dr. Willey and his staff are very professional. They always make you feel very welcomed and comfortable. If you or anyone you know need a dentist this is the place to go to. You will be extremely happy.

Janet P. Avatar
Janet P.

The moment I pull in the parking lot and seen my name on a parking spot I knew I was a guess! Love the massage chair ! Was in and out in know time. I just enjoyed the whole experience! Thank you

Megan N. Avatar
Megan N.

The staff was patient with me while I decided if I would stay at the office to get my dental work done or try to get an appointment with my regular dentist. I decided to stay at the office and was pleased with the results. They removed the decay and prepped my tooth for a crown then put a temporary crown on it. The plan is to wait at least 2 weeks before deciding if I should go to the Endodontist or not. I appreciate how gentle everyone was who worked on my tooth. They even polished up a filling in an adjacent tooth that had been too large for my tooth. I am very happy about the results.

Kayak o.

I chipped a tooth and contacted Lakeside Dental Arts for an emergency appointment. I was given an appointment for the next morning. I was extremely impressed with the professionalism and respect shown by each of the staff members. Patients in the lobby had a positive attitude and were greeted by their hygienist at the start of their services. I met with Dr. Mousa and he really took the time to address my options and how we were going to correct the chipped tooth. Prior to the start of the repair, they presented me with the final cost and this was reassuring because I was able to relax during the procedure. I came home and explained to my family that I finally found a good, honest dental office here in Highlands County. We moved here 3 years ago and have struggled to find an honest, knowledgeable, reliable and professional dentist office. Dr. Willey, you really took the time to create a dental office which meets the needs of each patient from start to finish. Your staff is phenomenal and I left feeling confident and secure about my procedure and any future dental needs my family and I will need. Welcome to Highlands County Dr. Mousa, we look forward to watching you grow in your field and within our community! The Barry Family!

Angel Avatar

What a wonderful experience! Dr. Wiley and his staff all take the time to explain all of your options clearly as well as why the options are what they are. They listen to what you are saying as well. This is my least favorite activity but they really reduced the stress and tension out of it for me.

Karen Albert Avatar
Karen A.

Best experience I have had in a dental office in my life. The office is beautiful, immaculate, soothing and upscale. Dr Willey is amazing and his staff is kind and efficient. I would recommend Lakeside Dental to anyone.

Jeremy Scott Avatar
Jeremy S.

Had a first visit with Dr. Willey today! He and his staff are exceptional--the best I've ever been to and that's no exageration. My Hygienist Shelby did wonderful work as well. I live over 2-hours away and made the drive because I've had a few not-so-great dental experiences lately and Dr. Willey came highly recommended. I thought this might be a one-time trip, but after today I'll be making this drive again. 5-stars!

Susan Stephens Avatar
Susan S.

The office is a beautiful facility, spotless, and quiet, with lovely art work and background music. The hygienist who worked on my teeth was pleasant and friendly, but more importantly she was careful and meticulous. My mouth felt great after she was finished. I never thought I would find a dentist who could come close to my former long-time care-giver, but after this initial visit, I know I have! Dr. Willey thoroughly and gently examined my teeth and treated me with respect. I'll be returning, no doubt about it.

Alan D. Avatar
Alan D.

Their new office is just beautiful! It is obvious Dr. Willey has spared no expense to ensure his patients are made to feel comfortable, at ease and welcome. It is apparent from the moment you walk into the front door that Dr. Willey and his beautiful wife Allison have spent a considerable amount of time designing and furnishing their new facility to make you feel as if you were at home. From the office decor, to the personal amenities available to every patient one may very easily forget that you are at the dentist. The view of our beautiful Lake Jackson from the dental chairs is magnificent. They have invested in the latest and best state-of-the-art equipment and technology available in the modern dental field. Crown work, which I had, is now a one day visit made possible with this new technology, remarkable. One can listen to music via the wireless headphones or watch television, both while waiting and while treatment is in progress thanks to the flat screen television mounted above the chair. Lakeside Dental Arts, Dr. Willey, Allison and their wonder staff are truly a valuable asset to the Highlands County and Sebring communities. WELL DONE!!

Jordan D. Avatar
Jordan D.

Hands down the best and least stressful dental experience I have had in a long time. I was not accused of being responsible for my dental issues, simply presented with professional advice. As someone with a very sensitive gag reflex the dentist is rarely a pleasant experience. Thank you again

Dan J. Avatar
Dan J.

Initial visit was very impressive. Thanks to Taryn for patient introduction to facility and cleaning. Enjoyed meeting and visiting w/ Dr. Willey. Will be returning in future.

Kassidy M. Avatar
Kassidy M.

Lakeside Dental Arts is a wonderful experience from the very beginning!
First, when calling to make an appointment, the receptionists are so pleasant to speak with, are very efficient, and make sure you’re scheduled for everything you feel you need. As a new client, I also had forms to fill out, and those are organized perfectly on their website. It’s completely user friendly and is quick and painless.
Second, as soon as you arrive at the facility, the staff is there to welcome you and make you feel comfortable. They have made accommodations for people who have concerns about COVID-19, including taking your temperature at your car with a short survey, wearing masks, and taking you directly to your exam room.
If that isn’t enough, their facility is absolutely stunning. It’s comfortable, and feels more like a spa than a dentist’s office. The exam rooms have the most beautiful view of Lake Jackson, and they offer many comforting amenities.
The cleaning, exams, and procedures are all very quick and painless.
Lastly, and most especially, the staff at Lakeside Dental Arts is outstanding. Everyone has a smile on their face, wants you to feel at ease, and are genuine people. A special recognition to Dr. Willey, Katie, and Allie. All of your efforts to make each visit a wonderful one are well worth it. Thank you, Lakeside Dental Arts!

bob j. Avatar
bob j.

Nice friendly people. Smart skills. This was our first visit. WE WILL BE BACK!

Amy W. Avatar
Amy W.

Wet friendly staff and Dr Willy was great. Up to date equipment and very knowledgeable. I will continue to use their services.

Jayne S. Avatar
Jayne S.

I have been driving to Ft. Lauderdale for the past five years to my dentist there. I hate changing doctors and dentist, but the quarantine situation caused me to rethink that four hour round trip every three months for cleanings. Also, my dentist shut down until July. I had a dental emergency that occurred right after the quarantine started, but she kept putting my appointment off every month. I finally decided to explore the possibilities available to me here in Highlands County. I am sure there are some very good dentists here, but I found the very best one! Dr. David Wiley and his staff at Lakeside Dental Arts are amazing. They are extremely professional and compassionate, and his new building is beautiful and state of the art. Now, I wonder why I waited so long to make the change!

katherine s. Avatar
katherine s.

Thank you, Dr. Willey, Taryn, and all of the staff at Lakeside Dental Arts. Today was my first appointment in the new office, and it is beautiful in every way. The treatment chairs are really comfortable. The X-ray procedure was fast and easy. The paintings and free standing art works are all gorgeous, helping to make my experience there very nice and professional. Thanks to all of you.
Mary Swaine

Douglas O. Avatar
Douglas O.

Had to have a tooth pulled. Seemed to be a very difficult but Dr. Willey did a great. I have had no pain from the start. The only pain medicine was the Tylenol and Ibuprofen that was in the courtesy bag.

ljwohlers .. Avatar
ljwohlers ..

Love the massage chair!
Beautiful new office. I appreciate all the effort to keep everyone safe during t he time of the COVID pandemic.

Karen O. Avatar
Karen O.

Highly recommend Dr. Willey and his staff. Their new office is beautiful and has the patient’s comfort in mind, as well as the latest state of the art equipment. All COVID-19 guidelines are in place and you can feel at ease if you have to go in during this time.

Skylar P. Avatar
Skylar P.

Everyone is so friendly. Dr. Willey is very bubbly and amazing dental doctor.

TONY D. Avatar

Absolutely hands down thee best dental experience ever! Doctor willey is the best! The staff amazing! The views Excellent!!!!

Susan B Avatar
Susan B.

Super team of professionals who all make your dental experience A Very positive experience.

Eresa S Avatar
Eresa S.

Dr. Willey and his staff are very professional. They always make you feel very welcomed and comfortable. If you or anyone you know need a dentist this is the place to go to. You will be extremely happy.

Peter P Avatar
Peter P.

The best dental experience ever. The reviews are right. I wish I found this dentist years ago. He took all my fears away. Staff was caring and friendly

Beth L Avatar
Beth L.

I'm a new patient but feel I have finally found my Dentist. Everybody was so nice!

Mark H Avatar
Mark H.

My first impression was a very clean, professional looking environment, along with very friendly, and professional staff. It was a real pleasure. The Parking was very accommodating, as well. Great job and i am proud to be a client of Dr. Willy and Lakeside Dental Arts....

Crystal C Avatar
Crystal C.

Very Friendly Staff And dentist. They make you feel very comfortable. Would recommend going there .

Lydia T Avatar
Lydia T.

Very impressed. Everyone was so very helpful. I broke a tooth and they got me in immediately and put a temp tooth in until they could get a new one. I was so relieved.

Lydia T. Avatar
Lydia T.

Very impressed. Everyone was so very helpful. I broke a tooth and they got me in immediately and put a temp tooth in til they could get a new one. I was so relieved.

Marsha M Avatar
Marsha M.

Dr. Willey and his staff are wonderful. Their kindness and concern for the individual patient made me feel at ease. The new office hasall the latest equipment available. I needed a new crown, and the work was done in one visit.

Marsha M. Avatar
Marsha M.

Dr. Willey and his staff are wonderful. Their kindness and concern for the individual patient made me feel at ease. The new office has has all the latest equipment available. I needed a new crown, and the work was done in one visit.

Pat K. Avatar
Pat K.

Dr. Willey's new place is top notch ! They even took me on a personal tour.Absolutely amazing.
Staff treats you like family..not as a patient. Dr Willey makes sure you are ok during the procedure. He is so gentle and caring. I would go to no other. The best of the best ! Been with him for 30 yrs. Thank you Dr Willey for all you have done for me all these years.
I just hope you NEVER retire !

John S. Avatar
John S.

I called got service within one hour of my call. My tooth was fixed that morning. Very happy with the outcome. Being new to the area I need a local dentist. As a veteran it beats driving to Miami for repairs. Thanks

Carol M. Avatar
Carol M.

Very nice facility! Friendly and efficient staff. Procedure for cleaning teeth different from what I have experienced at my previous dentist office.
Teeth felt squeaky clean and minty fresh!

Robert G. Avatar
Robert G.

What wonderful office. They have really out did their selves. The new office is fantastic. You now can watch TV with head phones on while they are doing whatever needs to be done. It is a great n.v ew experience. They have made going to the dentist a whole new level. Stop by and see the new office.